Gumball 3000 in 3D - shot on Sony HDR-TD10

Check out my latest production, shot on Sony HDR-TD10e next day I got it. Shot on the start day in London on 2011 edition of the rally. Wasn’t easy to shoot much as it was raining in turns with some occasional sunshine spells about five times in a matter of six hours.Hopefully got some nice footage for you to enjoy. Took some time to get round editing it, but it’s finally here, on Youtube and soon hopefully on other 3D content sharing sites or apps.


Enjoyed it ? Than please like,share and comment. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Here’s the part for people who want a bit more info on the camera and edit. I will not do a review of this camera as it’s been out for almost a year now and who wanted it, most probably got it by now. This was shot a day after I got it. Done some testing at home on day one, not much could be said as the camcorder does pretty much everything is auto, almost no control in 3D is given to the operator, but at least you have convergence you can set manually.To get to see the parallax on the auto-stereoscopic 3D monitor is almost imposible as it is that good of a screen, but after some time you can get to see it, barely, so yes you can set covergence manually.All in all it’s a better 3D lcd than the JVC TD1 but much harder to control convergence with. Focus is rather irrelevant as on a tiny chip like this if you not shoot something touching the lens, it will be in focus, and you would shot something touching the lens anyway because on the set interaxial I would look painful.

Quality of the video looks amazing straigh out of the cam on a 3D TV via HDMI 1.4a. I’ve edited it natively on Sony Vegas 11 by just dropping the clips on to the timeline. Found it easier to cut the sequence I need in the trimmer first in 2D and than do the rest on the timeline in whatever 3D format you like, with my preference being anaglyph.Added some grading touches with now supported Magic Bullet Looks 2,which I also used to repair some clips that had either white balance completely off or exposure issues.

I’ve been filming with it quite a lot since, and have other projects down in the pipeline still to finish. For updates on more video follow me on Twitter @iWATCH3D

Now go and shoot/edit some great 3D too !

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