About me

All my life I had passion for films and media. I’ve always been playing around first with the video mode on any device that had that feature from the first mobile that could record up to 5 seconds in COLOR ( WOW!! ), through digital cameras being able to record 320×240 resolution, pocket HD camcorders, 1080p hanycams, up to the recent advent of 90% perfect DSLR’s with almost all the manual settings goodness. My interest in 3D started in early 2009 when I saw what a dramatic difference a Full HD 3D with shutter glasses makes at an electronics show. It completely changed my mind about 3D, as I never was a fan of the red/cyan glasses and polarised displays in my opinion would make sense at 4k resolutions which is still a long way from being affordable. Since then I exerimented with DIY 3D solutions, read books and online resources, and then continue experimenting. Eventually I earned enough at my day job to invest in my editing suite and filming equipment. From then on I’ve been shooting and editing 3D on a prosumer level continuing to learn what does and what does not work in 3D and what is acceptable when being an independent-one-man-3D-band-on-a-limited-budget.

Here you can find who I worked with, where I was mentioned and my general achivements I am honestly proud of:

In June 2010 I had had a chance to work with Suzi Perry’s Gadget Show team for the task of creating the most Immersive Cinema experience ( Season 14 , episode 3, first aired 19th of August 2010 on Five ). She choose to create a 3D video using consumer available gear. I was chosen to be the on set stereographer/cameraman and also later on I post processed all the 3D footage in terms of muxing the two separate streams together as well as adjusting all the neccesary alignments.

If you’re in the UK, you can watch the episodes here on Demand Five:

…and the final 3D clip on Youtube here:

I also filmed in 3D a marketing stunt to spread the news about the upcoming season 14 of The Gadget Show that took place in London. A 3D mapping advert video was projected onto Marble Arch. It was a secret event organised by Jason Bradbury ( the Gadget Show presenter ) over Twitter with a hashtag #gadgetvader with plans to go viral. As soon as I have uploaded the 3D video to Youtube it ended up being the official one from the event and still is one of the most viewed 3D videos on Youtube for “YT3D” search. You can watch it here:

 When Nvidia launched their revolutionary browser based 3D Vision compatible online portal with 3D content, my “London in 3D” short was one of the first ten clips out there, next to big blockbuster 3D productions trailers like Resident Evil 4. Click on the image to go to the website or alternatively watch the 3D clip on my youtube channel here:



In October 2010 I was interviewed for USA Today - one of the biggest US newspapers / online news source, about DIY 3D video content production. Read the article here.