Recently purchased pair of GoPro Hero 2 cameras now compatible with the 3D Hero system in a fixed interaxial case modified for audio input and HDMI output while recording.  Best pair of my 3D GoPro equipment is  a modified 3D sync cable capable of variable,  up to 3 feet long ( around 1 meter ) IA side by side  rig setup.

lose range 3D camera, the all in one fixed inter axial Sony HDR-TD10e regardless of it’s limitations, the image produced looks very nice.

 For 2D my number 1 choice is the hacked GH2 with a variety of lenses.

For 3D photos a quick point and shoot 3D camera – the Fuji Finepix Real 3D W3 that shoots beautiful 10MP (3:2) or 7MP (16:9) 3D photos.

As for sound gear, I use Rode Stereo Videomic pluged in to a Zoom H1 for all the manual audio levels control.

Additional gear includes Glidecam 4000 Pro , 1.3 meter glidetrack, pico dolly and a custom motorized pan/tilt head for some incredible timelapses.


All of my editing gets done on a desktop PC with  i7 920 processor and Nvidia GTX 285 2GB graphics card in either Adobe Master Collection CS6 or in Sony Vegas Pro 11. Preview on  Alienware 23″ Full HD 3D display with the use of Nvidia 3D Vision glasses .

 Final output is than viewed on the THX 3D certified Panasonic 50VT30.